Welcome to Katie's Garden. I am Katie Hanna, a mama, herb lady, and earth steward.

I have loved nature and plants for as long as I can remember, creating imaginary worlds in garden spaces since I was a child growing up in Southern California.  My journey with plants and herbs began with my parents who avidly gardened in every home (and there were many) that we lived in.  I learned the connection between our body and plants through my mother, who always used natural medicine before going to the Doctor- and I was hardly ever sick.  She became an Acupuncturist, getting her masters degree while I was in high school, and everything she learned she brought home to us.  I have an intimate understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine that informs my teachings and healing, that I learned from my mother's education and from working with her in her office off and on for the past 15 years. 

For college I moved to Brooklyn, NYC, for my grand adventure.  It was in the city of all cities that I realized how much I yearned for nature.  In this contrast I began my own healing and herbal studies, diving into the wild "weeds" that grew out of the cracks of concrete or abandoned lots of my Bushwick neighborhood.  When I became unexpectedly pregnant, I dove into herbalism head first, creating a blog "My Natural Pregnancy" where I explored my journey of a natural home birth, using herbs as nourishment, and the connections of mind, body, spirit. I used herbal medicine to keep my baby and I strong, drinking nourishing herbal infusions daily throughout my pregnancy; creating my own belly oils; blending my own perineum sprays; and creating the oils and salves for diaper rash creams. My true direction was birthed, alongside my son and my motherhood journey.  

I have been a doula, childbirth educator, crystal saleswoman, astrology teacher, youth advocate, death doula and have worn many more wholistic hats, however, herbalism education and empowerment is where my heart lies. Helping others to feel empowered in their own healing and understanding the connections between, health, earth and spirit is where I come alive.

I am currently residing in the Southeast, with my son and adopted teenage daughter, our 2 cats and a chicken, surrounded by plants.


I look forward to getting to know you better, I am SO glad you're here. 


Professional Trainings:

2007: Acupuncture TCM apprenticeship

2010: Susun Weed Workshop

2011: Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference

2012: Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference

2012: Lee County Master Gardener

2013: Bee Keeping Training + Apprenticeship

2013: DONA Doula Training

2013: Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator + Doula Training

2016: Kundalini Yoga Certification

2017: Sacred Women Initiation

2018: Chestnut School of Herbalism Herbal Program

2019-2020: Aviva Romm Herbal Medicine for Women's Certification

+ countless books, articles, and hands-on experience