40 Days to Become Home Herbalist

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Do you want to start using herbs for medicine but don't know where to start?


Have you dabbled in herbal medicine and/or grown a few plants in your home, but are ready to really take your health into your own hands?

Has 2020 kick started your desire to be significantly closer to the source of your own wellness and healing than ever before?

Do you want to feel free and self-sufficient in your healthcare as opposed to bound and afraid?

In 2020 we have been in a pandemic.  We learned how to sanitize, keep our distance, and prevent the spreading of virus. 


But we haven't learned how to cultivate HEALTH.

In 2021, lets make WELLNESS our priority.

Beginning in January, I am holding space to  EMPOWER your health, herbal education, and self-sufficiency with a Beginner's Herbalism Course for every day use.

Watch my Free Mini-Course FULL of information and workbook below:

Want access to 6 weeks worth of information like that? 

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It takes 40 Days to transform old habits into new habits, to change your patterns, and develop new lifestyle.

In this Virtual Herbal Program we will spend 6 weeks diving into step-by-step practices for you to transform into your own Beginner Herbalist.

We will:

  • Learn how to use plants for immune building, stress reduction, digestive aid, skin healing, hormone balancing, and so much more!

  • ​Explore herbal classifications in depth to understand how plants interact with our bodies.

  • Journey into relationship with 6 specific healing herbs to deepen our understanding of them and their healing abilities.

  • Go on virtual Herbal "Weed Walks" to identify wild medicinal plants.

  • Learn how to identify, harvest, and process wild plants for medicine.

  • Create your own herbal medicines at your home!

What You Get:

  • Detailed 50 + page Workbook for reference and to help you through each section.

  • Step-by-step guidance from me.

  • Interactive like-minded community to share and learn with.

The 40 Day to Home Herbalism Course meets weekly beginning on January 12. Sign up by January 5 and get BONUS Plant Identification Class.

Value is OVER $500!You can gain access now for only $125.00. I'm not sure how long I'll keep that pricing!

Payment Plans Available:

2 Payments of $63, made by January 10: 

Who is this for?

This is designed for the PROACTIVE woman.  The woman (or man who respects and learns from women) who is tired of wasting money, time, and worry on the western sick-care system. The woman who doesn't like to be told what to do and takes matters into her own hands.  The woman who invests in her health, education, and growth and puts the work into her transformation.  The woman who believes in her magic and power!

Who is this NOT for?

The woman who gives her power away.  The woman who allows others and external systems to designate how she can or cannot take care of herself. The woman who starts projects but never finishes them. The woman unsure of the magic within her.

So...which one are YOU?