Healing the Heart

Last night, after I did some meditating and stretching, I sat to reflect in my journal. I asked myself where am I holding judgements because I have definitely been feeling some bitterness in my spirit lately. Where I can often feel love and openness in my heart, I had felt judgement and separation; a closed off energy. In the exploration of these feelings I came to recognize the medicine I need is to work on opening and softening my heart. All externally pointed judgement is truly a reflection back at self judgement. Where I am not giving others love and grace, I am most certainly not giving myself love and grace.

Then I giggled to myself realizing the medicine I had made earlier that day: a heart elixir. A blend of Motherwort and Hawthorne with reishi and some warming herbs mixed in for immune benefits. I know the many benefits to the cardiovascular system both Hawthorne and Motherwort hold, and that Motherwort is a great women's herb and both can help with anxiety and stress relief. However, I wanted to look deeper at their ENERGETIC benefits as well. I dont believe in coincidences so I know I was drawn to this medicine because it was exactly what I need right now ( I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and the blend came to me) but it still tickled me to see how SPOT ON it is.

Hawthorne: The flower essence is for opening up and giving and receiving love. Helps to develop your courage.

Motherwort: Soothes the heart without pacifying it. Calms the fire down without extinguishing the passion. Helps one own their power and use it!

Reishi: Helps dissolve stuck areas and build resiliency to thrive.

I mention the energy of plants because I am not just a folk herbalist but an intuitive herbalist. I believe that herbal medicine and plant medicine can lead to even deeper healing when we can tune into that intuitive place where body and spirit and mind meet and communicate to us beyond our 5 senses. When we get those bursts of Knowings and can follow them. When we can have faith and trust in our intuition, our inner guidance, and ourselves. That is a healing all in itself. So, when you're drawn to a plant, check for more than the physical medicinal properties. Or, if you're wondering what plants you are needing on a deeper level, ask for them to come to you either in dreams, or messages, or signs. Tap in, tap root.

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