Medicinal Mushrooms

This season has definitely been my mushroom season. I feel so blessed to be building relationship with these magnificent beings. It all began with my mushroom brother @our.celium when he brought me some chaga and other magical mushroom finds. I believe he ushered their presence into my life! Thanks Mark!!

I have always used mushroom as part of my herbal pantheon but they were one of the herbal goodies that I purchased ( for a pretty penny too) at our local earth fare. I utilized mushrooms for their immune boosting properties. When earth fare closed I lost my tincture and mushroom connect. For the mushrooms to come to me in that void of that loss is so beautiful.

I have been working specifically with lions mane and reishi this season. Some things about these beings:

Lions Mane is a great medicine for brain function as it helps improve productivity, focus, fights against neurodegenerative diseases by stimulating growth of brain cells, is anti inflammatory which has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and is immune boosting.

Reishi is a great immune builder with studies showing it assisting in increasing white blood cells or altering inflammation pathways for them, as a tonic is build our stores and helps relaxation and depression, helps reduce fatigue, is anti-inflammatory.

Aside from their medicinal uses, mushrooms and fungi are such an amazing thing to study. They are the communication wire from plant to plant in the forest floor as they send their nutrients and impulses through the mycelium. It’s not surprising then that these beings can help our neuro pathways and inner wires. Such medicinal magic!!

I’ve got some tinctures going which will be double extracted and I’m decocting some reishi down for a luscious elixir as well as drying some. I’m so excited to deepen this relationship and receive their healing benefits.

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