Yoni Steaming


I discovered yoni steaming during a major transition in my life back in 2014. I had just gotten into yoni eggs and my searching led me to steaming. I was getting over a bad break up and clearing the sexual energy and healing was a main priority for me.

I’ve always had herbs around me so that was no problem but figuring out HOW to steam comfortably has been a whooooole journey. It started with an old patio furniture footstool that I could open the slats up and steam through. Then I found a chair with the seat removed. Then I found a better chair, and a friend recommended putting pool noodles over the uncomfortable metal frame. Finally I had some chair “seats” made to place over the chairs without seats. This method is my favorite and so soothing.

There are many physiological healing benefits to yoni steaming but my eternal favorite part is the connection. Steaming reconnected me with myself, my femininity, my sacredness. It helped me listen deeper. Once I could listen deeper, I could hear the messages clearer. What does my body need? What are the nuanced and loud shifts telling me? How can I intuitively know what my body needs for nourishment and health?

Steaming led me to this. I have literally tried to get all of my friends on a steam, sometimes even taking turns all together! Lol

Medicinally, Yoni Steaming blends can be designed for hormone regulation to help with heavy and painful periods. Blends can be designed to help with fertility issues. Blends can also be designed to speak to metaphysical needs alongside physical. Remember, the yoni is a portal (regardless if you have cesarean, IVF, or hysterectomy) the energy of the "extraordinary organ" as the uterus is called in TCM, is there. In this energy holds our power to create life, whether it be human or creative. Through steaming we can tap into that creative power and transform our lives. We can assist in healing traumas, stagnant energy, and connect deeper with our feminine seat.

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