Create Your Herbal Lifestyle Webinar

Create Your Herbal Lifestyle Webinar

In this 2 hour webinar I will break down what I’ve learned in my 10+ years of herbalism and education in a super digestible manner so you can get started RIGHT AWAY! 

We will go over the 4 main areas of my Intuitive Folk HerbAlism Formula:

💚Mindset: how to create a lifestyle that is in tune with cycles, seasons, and rhythms of earth. Understanding how to shift with seasonal medicines and energies and integrate that into your home.

🍄Herb Uses: you don’t need complex herbs and formulas for the day to day life or common ailments. You will learn herbs for regular uses and how to use them!

🍀Herbal Preparations: I will give written instructions on how to make alcohol, vinegar, honey, oil based plant medicines and all the benefits of each. Great place to ask all of your herbal making questions.

🌻Kitchen Herbs: we will take herbal medicine in the kitchen beyond spices and you will learn how to incorporate wild, medicinal, and seasonal plants into your everyday food! 

Through all this there will be help and how-to start your own home apothecary! Workbook to reflect on is included too because that’s my jam and the work will continue long after this webinar! This is the seed for your herbal foundation!!!



Upon Ordering you will receive your workbook and an email with video link will come ASAP.