Floral Breast Massage Oil

Floral Breast Massage Oil

Seasonal, handpicked Dandelion Flower and Plantain Leaf infused into oil come together to create a nourishing and healing breast oil. 


Dandelion Flower Oil promotes relaxation of breast tissues and facilitates release of held emotions. Strengthen self worth and immune system. As the breasts are a huge store for our emotions, if not released and let go, they can fester and lead to disease.  This oil helps to promote the relaxation and release for us to process. 


Plantain Oil is incredibly potent breast cancer perventative and has had studies shown to help reverse some breast cancers in women. It is an all around skin nourisher.


The benefits of breast massage range :

- moves the lymph

- early detection of lumps

- releases pent up emotions

- deep self care and connection

- sensual touch

- relieves sore muscles

- helps lift breast tissue

- helps milk supply if lactating


Some uplifting essential oils were added for a delightful scent.